Eight Feet Under Vol. 1

by Youth Novel




released June 1, 2017

jd - vox/guitar
mc - vox/guitar
jr - bass
tg - drums



all rights reserved


Youth Novel Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: VII
replacing my arms with branches on which you may build your home. please rest on me. lend me your burden, i'll bend to it. what can I do with this disease? how can I protect you when the virus lives in me? woken to aches blisters and burns, woken each day to aimless concern
Track Name: VIII
I know what life is like on the shelf. That was the first time that I felt afraid. Now there's no hope left for an innocent man. These dreams are fluid, they are built of sand. I know what life's like on the shelf. Wrecked it, now it's the fault of whom. I wrecked it. Reaping everything I sow, reaping every thing that I sow.
Track Name: IX
There isn't just one way that it scares me, it's regret bred from contempt. My breath halts in Chinatown, a satin doll a ticking clock. I see your hands full, and so I lay down and do nothing.
Track Name: X
no - it's the concept itself I don't trust.
it's the same no matter who's around.
no, it's the premise I suspect.
it's the same no matter who's around.
born half formed
can't stop it, not even with pills.
it's the concept itself I despise.
No, its the premise itself I don't trust.